The Dog Days Plan

My blogging plan for the month of August is to take a bit of a break while building up another database to write about.  I plan to re-post some essays on “Saying the Unsaid in New York” that were originally posted on Room Eight some time ago, while adding in some additional updates based on changes between then and now (in italic after the word “Update”).  Most of the essays, if not the updates, can already be found as MS Word documents linked from the “Helpful Background and Greatest Hits” page, but I want to repost them anyway so it is easier to direct people to them, and more likely that they will come up in searches.  I find, using information available to me on WordPress, that many people are reading items I posted last year, not just the stuff I put up in the past week.  So there is an advantage to having things on the main page.

Although I will be re-posing some of my Room Eight items, I remain grateful for those who created and maintain that site for first giving me an opportunity to blog, and keeping all the posts I have written available.  My Room Eight blog is here.

I have no way of knowing how many people are continuing to read what I post there, but anecdotal evidence suggests that at one time, at least, the number reading there was substantial, and included some in what I hoped to be the target audience.  Those who read all my Room Eight posts over the years probably will see no need to re-read the items I will be posting on Saying the Unsaid In New York this August.  If I come up with something else over the next few weeks, however, I’ll post it on Room Eight as well.