No Internet At My House Until At Least December 24th

Our Verizon non-Fios DSL has stopped working again, and that’s the earliest someone will even look at it. This happens repeatedly.  Sometimes the internet works but the phone does not.  Sometimes the phone works but the internet does not.  Sometimes neither works.  Verizon used to claim that the problem was in my house, and refuse to fix it for weeks.  But now I pay for inside wire maintenance, so at least the firm admits the problem is not in my house right away. That, in reality, is what I am paying for.

If Verizon is not going to install Fios in much of NYC, as promised, perhaps at the very least the Public Service Commission could make the firm replace its existing copper system so it works. A friend is a principal at a school that loses phone service when it rains.  A nearby bank has to shut down when it rains, because it loses electronic contact with the home office and ATM networks.  As I told the nice woman from India, I’ll bet she has a first class telecommunications system where she is.  But I have something she doesn’t.  A telecommunications system installed by Alexander Graham Bell himself.  On the other hand, if Verizon is going to have to send people out to work on the line anyway, why not just replace it with fiber-optics?

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3 thoughts on “No Internet At My House Until At Least December 24th

  1. ed

    They don’t want to spend any money maintaining the copper system.

    Had this problem years ago. 2 drops of rain and the lines would be out for days. By the time they got there things dried out and Verizon found no problems. Verizon knows what the problem is. There is a good chance that the exterior box that distributes the lines to the individual houses is leaking. It could also be that the insulation on your individual wire has worn out and is no longer completely waterproof. I don’t know how your neighborhood is built, but the distribution box is probably hanging on the back of somebodies house. Verizon will know where it is and start making excuses about getting access.

    The Public Service commission is your friend. You must call them and make a complaint. Make sure you tell them that you plugged a phone in at your network interface device (the box which is the dividing line between Verizons wiring and the homeowners wiring) and the problem is definitely on Verizons side of the wiring. Tell them it happens every time it rains. The PSC responded very quickly and called Verizon. Verizon came down and put a new distribution box in. My individual line was also bad, so that was also replaced. Problem solved.

    1. larrylittlefield Post author

      In this case, it turns out, the problem was in fact in my house. The wire they gave me from the splitter they gave to their modem failed and they fixed it. So it wasn’t a case of the squirrel eating the wires, or the wire to my house being disconnected — possibly to fix someone else who ended up with a dead wire, two claims they had made.

      But as you can tell from my reaction, I’m pretty fed up. My wife says we might as well just go with cable, which rumor has it has improved.

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