Time to Take Down the American Flag

It’ something I usually do after Veteran’s Day. But this year, I’m going to do it before Election Day. Because something bad is going to happen on that day. Or something terrible. Or something even worse than that, which would be a repeat of 2000. And people are going to be confused by what is going on. But I know what is going on. This is what has been done to this country by Generation Greed, something they don’t want to face but find more difficult to ignore after 2008, something they want rationalizations for, scapegoats for, something they want an excuse for. That’s why they are so angry. And this is what has been allowed to happen by the generation to follow, Generation Apathy. “We’re screwed anyway, let’s just worry about ourselves.”   Uh huh. Good luck with that.

I’ve seen this election analyzed every way to Sunday. By race. By education level. By occupation. By sex. The electorate divided into categories this way and that way. How about by age group? How about by generation? What would that show? Hopefully based on exit polls, we’ll find out. This country once sought to build toward a better future. But for 35 years it has been cashing in the future, now the present, to make things easier in the present, now the future. Those over 59 should be embarrassed about even voting, and making choices for those who will be paying for the choices they’ve already made.


2 thoughts on “Time to Take Down the American Flag

  1. larrylittlefield Post author

    The vast majority of people are very poorly informed. The don’t pay attention to the news, and even if they did, the news media doesn’t report what is really happening in ordinary people’s lives.

    What people do know is what is happening in their own lives, and the lives of those around them. And after 35 years of future selling and social breakdown associated with Generation Greed, that is really bad for most people in most of the country. Only those in older generations are better off, but they can see the situation of their children and want scapegoats to lessen their own guilt.

    Donald Trump is usefully ignorant. He doesn’t know all the things that everyone knows that aren’t true, and was thus able to see the perfectly obvious and take advantage of it. People are down and desperate.

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