Nobody’s Gonna Pay You To Tell The Truth, Or Worse

If you are wondering why I have been writing so few posts lately, it is because there is less to say that I haven’t already said, and less new data available from which to learn something new. I once wrote about how Medicaid beneficiaries and expenditures varied by state each year, but the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid shut down their Datamart after 2011, when only 45 states reported.

I recently found some 2012 data on their site, but with only 39 states reporting. How can one compare with the national average, when that national average doesn’t include Texas and Florida? How can one compare New York with adjacent states when that doesn’t include Massachusetts? Meanwhile, I’m still waiting for the U.S. Census Bureau to release FY 2014 state and local government finance data, which usually comes out in September.

And now Room Eight, where I started posting originally before starting this alternate blog, is shutting down, supposedly in part due to legal threats.

I wonder if this is all something to be paranoid about.

Maybe there will be a bipartisan decision to stop collecting vital statistics to cover up the rising death rate and falling life expectancy. Don’t allow anyone to see that everyone else born after 1957 or so is dying so much sooner too. Or to fudge the data, the way everything else has been fudged and falsified in the Generation Greed era.

Maybe the Republicans will finally de-fund the American Community Survey, so there is no evidence that most people are being paid less generation-by-generation. And simply deny that it is happening.

Maybe the Democrats will get rid of the Governments Division of the U.S. Census Bureau, so no one can see state and local government taxes rising as services are cut – all to pay for the debts, pension increases, inadequate pension funding and inadequate infrastructure investment of the Generation Greed era.

Maybe “Say on Pay” will go away, so shareholders can’t find out how much their ownership of the company is being diluted as those who serve on each other’s boards award more and more shares to each other.

Maybe they’ll get rid of the National Weather Service, so there will be no evidence the climate is changing.

After a campaign in which candidates managed to avoid talking about the situation Americans face, it may not be so crazy to think that those who benefit from the “rigged system” might prefer that many facts not be made available at all. And that with the public preference for being told what one wishes to hear, that they can get away with it.