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Big Government? Where it is By State

As the future of later born Americans continues to get cashed in to benefit Generation Greed, the executive/financial class, and the political/union class, with no commentary or acknowledgment in this phony, tribalist political campaign, there isn’t much left to say that I didn’t say four years ago.  The “revolutionary” Donald Trump kept things going in the same direction, but an accelerated pace, with more tax cuts for the rich, more debt, more benefits for his generation, and an ever-diminished future for those coming later.  This followed the Obama Administration, perhaps the most conservative (with regard to the original meaning – trying to keep things the same) since Hoover in the face of an economic and social collapse. The system was preserved, so the winners on the inside were protected.  The average life expectancy of those born after 1957 fell.

At this point, it’s all about keeping the privileges for your interests while using tribalism to shift the blame.  Since federal elections are decided by state, however, it might be illuminating to show which states had the “biggest government” in 2018, according to data provided by the Bureau of Economic Analysis.  It was the very states where a majority of the people will say they are against big government.  They are actually in favor of big government for themselves, against having to pay for it, and against any services and benefits for anyone else, particularly the later-born generations who will be left with their debts.

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