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Expanding Livability, Workability, Affordability: A Small Example

In my prior post, I explained the need to expand the geographic area where later-born generations of Americans can live a good life, and have access to a wide range of employment opportunities, affordably.  Commercial real estate investments that make this possible have the best chance to be profitable and useful in the coming decades, especially after the next bust makes the entry point for them lower.

In this post I’m going to describe a specific, small-scale example with the potential to substantially expand access to rail mass transit, and the large number of jobs it connects with in metro New York.  It is based on a new technology that has been rapidly adopted by food delivery workers, some of the lowest-paid workers there are – small, light, electric powered and electric assist bicycles.  If those workers could afford to own their own e-bikes, and adopt the latest technology, workers in other industries and occupations certainly could.

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